December 6, 2022

Vastu tips for offices for a positive workplace

Vastu Shastra for a workplace is a crucial practice nowadays for a peaceful work environment. Consider getting in touch with Vastu astrologers to know more!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice that studies the architecture of a house, workplaces, schools, and many more. It is the amalgamation of science, art, astronomy and astrology to help people decide on the right property to buy and structure. Vastu astrologers come to such decisions by studying the five elements (Panch Tatwa): Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky.

Many people who have benefited from Vastu shastra have witnessed the optimistic impacts of the same in future. They now tend to take Vastu’s advice in every property they buy. Workplaces are on the top when it comes to taking Vastu consultation for a prosperous work environment. Vastu Astrologers help you design and structure your workplaces, like plot locations, seat directions, reception locations and many more.

We have curated some Vastu tips to help you create a positive work environment by just locating and re-locating some of the settings. These are:

  • Office Plot

If you still have the option to choose a property for your business, then as per Vastu, you must go with buildings that shape like a lion. Such properties are broad from the front and narrow at the back. They generally face north direction. So, if you are still looking for a property, then you must give preference to these specifications.

  • Direction of the office building

Deciding on the direction of the building has always been a topic of discussion. Such directions are guessed based on the type and sitting position of the lord for that industry. However, they are some fixed beliefs that people have followed since ancient times. Like, the direction of an office complex should be North, North-East or North-west as they indicate good luck and positivity in the long run. Whereas, East direction suits the best to service industry offices.

  • Location of the building

The location of the office complex must be surrounded by running roads. The building should not be in a place that is lonely and barren. As per Astrology, such a location attracts no prosperity and success in the long run. So, make sure to mark your office location accordingly.

  • Entrance to the Office

Vastu Shastra suggest the main entry point of the office be in the North direction or East direction without any object in between. If there is an obstacle placed in between the entry gates, it may stop positive energies from coming into the office. Make sure to have a clear entrance that welcomes such positive energies into your workplace for years and years.

  • Reception table

The office’s reception should be in the East or Northeast direction as it will attract positive vibes for visitors, employees and clients. You must also consider placing the name board of the company on the South wall and placing the reception desk diagonal to the main entry door. Make sure such arrangements are made to achieve success in the long run.

  • Staircase

As per Vastu, the best position for the staircase is in the South or South West direction. The staircase should also be painted or covered in light pastel shades. If your staircase construction is still yet to be done, then you must avoid getting them constructed in the centre. This is so because it may lead to financial losses. Also, you must avoid painting them in red or black.

  • Indoor Positioning

Indoor Positioning of the placement of seats, departments, pantry and many more also plays an important role in Vastu Shastra. Generally, employees should be seated to face the North or East direction. And the owner’s room or cabin should be in the South-west direction but face north direction while working.

Summing up

Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient practices to decide the structure and design of a property. Not just houses but office spaces have also benefited from the Vastu consultations. It is important to note that there is nothing superstitious about Vastu as it is mostly a mix of art, science, astrology and mathematics.

Vastu Shastra studies the five elements, also known as the Panch Tatwa: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky. A Vastu astrologer predicts his reading based on these elements and advises on structuring an office’s exterior and interior. Everything is linked to the five elements, from office location to employee seating arrangement. An opposite arrangement of the interiors may lead to a negative work environment and potential financial losses.

Many business owners consult a Vastu Shastra even before getting their office building constructed. They take suggestions from them for the location, staircase construction, direction of the rooms and many more minute details. To know more about Vastu tips in your office, consider getting in touch with a Vastu expert.

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