October 5, 2022


We examine six common workplace challenges and suggest solutions.

Each office is different, yet all want productive staff. It’s hard to develop and maintain a workplace where people can work and have fun. Elegant designs can sometimes backfire. Apple’s glass-walled offices were fixed after several employees were injured.

Let’s review productivity issues like interruptions and meeting room confusion, along with solutions.

Difficulty navigating the space

New staff and guests will have trouble navigating a confusing office layout. Complex routes around desks and conference rooms could waste time without markings or signage.

The solution

Layout desks for easy movement and clear passageways. Make meeting rooms private and clear so attendees can focus. If your facility has multiple floors, prepare a short map to direct new employees or guests.

Workspace discussed workplace design with Generate Studio. Our buildings have great shared areas to mingle and do business, so our offices and studios are saturated with natural light. Team Rooms offer more than a workstation but less than an office.

Trouble finding the people you need

Dynamic work environments are replacing allocated seats in many workplaces. Hot desking and remote work might change seating arrangements. Teamwork is essential. Missing persons can delay meetings and productivity.

The solution

Create a floor plan that logically groups teams and departments to facilitate collaboration. If they work on the same tasks, put them close to one other. If you have a huge workspace, try adopting a workplace app that interacts with your employee directory and room reservation software to see where everyone is working in real time.

Meeting room bookings

Have you ever left a meeting midway? Or did you hold your meeting in an improper area because you couldn’t find a room? These scheduling issues are inefficient and inconvenient.

Workspace has 100 meeting rooms in 60 London locations. Our selection covers every necessity. You may rent the perfect spot for a casual gathering or a boardroom presentation online or using our mobile app. Browse our services.

The solution

Ensure you have room booking technology and real-time room scheduling software for personnel. Encourage proper use to avoid misunderstandings. You may also need meeting guidelines. Could coworkers catch up at their workstations or in a café to make room for a manager’s debrief? Start with what you can do in a day.

Broken equipment

Broken things impair productivity quickly. PC based language evaluation is especially critical for software or computer problems. If there’s no fix, employees will have to quit working.

The solution

Have extra equipment available at the venue if there is room. If you don’t, see if your provider can deliver products quickly or is located nearby. It is ideal to set up a system where employees can notify a manager or other member of staff who will be in responsibility of correcting problems as they arise.

Lack of communication with visitors

The time spent with clients must be productive. If they have problems traveling to the venue, finding a place to have lunch, or making business calls, it can affect the timing of your meeting. You should carefully consider your visitors’ visit since you want to make them feel at home so they’ll want to come back and do business with you again.

The solution

Have a uniform list of recommended procedures for guests. Choose the person who will greet them beforehand, arrange the meeting location, and be prepared. Give them a small welcome package with the Wi-Fi code, details on neighboring eateries, and a building plan in order to help them and make sure all of their questions are answered.


This category encompasses a number of sins. Distractions, noise, light, and office gossip are commonplace in the workplace. You should carefully evaluate the layout of your office to limit their impact. Even if you can’t plan for every possibility, there are a few common errors to avoid.

The solution

Desks and workstations should be positioned to prevent team members from becoming easily distracted by frequent pedestrians. Think about a color scheme that will inspire but not overwhelm. Allow employees to wear headphones if they find it difficult to focus without their own music playing or if the office noise is too much for them. Ask your staff whether they believe a change might make it harder for them to stay focused before making any changes to the way your office looks.

A diversity of work settings in the atrium serve as the foundation of Workspace’s business centers, says development director Angus Boag. Additionally, we want to guarantee that all of our locations are open to everyone and neurodiverse.

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