September 19, 2022

Kumho Tires Review

Korean manufacturer Kumho Tire has been in operation since the early 1960s. Given that it provides a large selection of tyres at affordable costs, its products are considered as being of high quality and value. Although Kumho tyres haven’t achieved the same degree of popularity in motorsport and pop culture as companies like Michelin and Pirelli, they nonetheless enjoy a good reputation among drivers and enthusiasts of all stripes.In our ongoing series on tyre comparisons, this most current episode. For small to large CUVs and SUVs, Yokohama and Kumho tyres are appropriate.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide variety of available tire styles and sizes
  • Value priced
  • Solid coverage
  • Good warranty
  • Snow/winter options are limited
  • Off-road tires don’t test as well as other brands

Best Kumho Tires by Car Type

Best Kumho for High-Performance All-Season

The Kumho Ecsta PA51 tyre provides an outstanding grip in a wide variety of circumstances. Kumho claims that the tread design provides enough snow grip and that its tyre compound maintains performance in both wet and dry situations.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Ecsta PA51
  • Weight: 16-inch tire weighs 18 pounds
  • Available Sizes: 16″ – 20″

Best Kumho for Passenger Cars

The Kumho Solus TA11 tyre is extremely affordable and will keep you moving all year long. It has a special sidewall design that spreads weight and strain and enhances performance and longevity. The tread’s four deep grooves and distinctive shoulder shape increase traction and hydroplaning resistance in wintery conditions.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Solus TA11
  • Weight: Varies (17in tire weighs 27 lbs)
  • Available Sizes: 13″ – 18″

Best Kumho Extreme Performance Tire

The sole reason the Kumho Ecsta V720 tyre trails the Ecsta PA51 is that it is only appropriate for summer driving. The V720 gives a strong dry and wet performance on the road despite not being designed for track use, and the asymmetric tread pattern enhances cornering speeds and prevents hydroplaning. The PA51 is a good all-season performance tyre, whereas the V720s should be put away or switched out when the weather becomes chilly.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Ecsta V720
  • Weight: Varies (19in tire weighs 41 lbs)
  • Available Sizes: 15″ – 19″

Best Kumho for SUVs and Crossovers

Trucks, crossovers, and SUVs are the only vehicles for which the Kumho Crugen HP71 tyres are intended. They provide a quiet, comfortable ride with excellent all-year traction. According to Kumho, the tyres’ quiet-riding construction also lowers stress and increases longevity. The Crugen tyres have a strong grip throughout the winter because of the four circumferential grooves that direct water away from the center of the tread.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Crugen HP71
  • Weight: Varies (16in tire weighs 39 lbs)
  • Available Sizes: 15″ – 22″

Best Kumho for Trucks

When the pavement stops, Kumho’s Road Venture AT51 tyres provide exceptional performance because they are built for off-road use on a pickup truck. The tyres, according to Kumho, provide good traction in slick conditions and assist maintain endurance and traction across difficult terrain thanks to their tread pattern.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Road Venture AT51
  • Weight: Varies (18-inch tire weighs 41 lbs)
  • Available Sizes: 15″ – 20″

Best Kumho for Off-Road

The Kumho Road Venture MT KL71 tyre was made with optimal traction in extreme off-road conditions in mind. The sidewalls can withstand the hardest terrain and the most abuse, while the tread compounds are chip- and cut-resistant.


  • Brand: Kumho
  • Model: Road Venture MT KL71
  • Weight: 14-inch tire weighs 32 lbs
  • Available Sizes: 14″

Reasons to Choose Kumho Tires

Everything is more expensive these days, especially tires, so it’s important to get the most out of the money you spend. Kumho tires offer excellent performance and great longevity, and they won’t break your budget in the process. You won’t find great winter tire options here, but for nearly everything else, Kumho has you covered.


Where are Kumho tires made?

South Korea is home to Kumho’s plants. The business has three locations in the nation where its tyres are made for export.

Does Kumho offer winter tires?

There are a few other winter tyre models produced by the manufacturer, but none are easily accessible through online merchants. Although reputable tyre retailers like Tire Rack and Discount Tire do not carry Kumho’s winter tyres, you might succeed with a small local shop.

Are Hankook tires better than Kumho?

Although Hankook is a more well-known brand and has a long history in motorsport, Kumho’s tyres are frequently just as excellent as or even superior to Hankook’s.

Do Kumho tires come with a warranty?

Yes, depending on the tyre, there are times when warranties on treadwear extend beyond 75,000 miles.

Where can I get the best prices on Kumho tires?

Many online merchants, including Tire Rack, provide tyre discounts and free shipping on a regular basis. To further assist you in understanding what you are purchasing, their websites also include price estimators and tyre fit recommendations.

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