September 19, 2022

Continental Tyres Review

Since 1871, Continental has been a market leader in the tyre industry, producing a comprehensive selection of tyres for everything from bicycles and motorcycles to commercial trucks and industrial equipment. Their primary line of business is passenger vehicle tyres, and they have had remarkable success in the automotive industry. To create competitive race tyres, Continental has worked closely with automakers including Daimler-Benz, Porsche, and Audi. Continental, which has its headquarters in Hanover, Germany, today produces original equipment for numerous high-end automakers, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen Group.

Continental Pros and Cons

  • Widespread popularity means easy accessibility to getting a replacement tire or finding just the right set for your ride.
  • Excellent warranty – not only concerning defects, workmanship, and tread life, but Flat Tire Roadside Assistance, Road Hazard, and Customer Satisfaction coverages – all included when you purchase new tires and register them.
  • Decades of development with manufacturers and advancements in materials and processes has led to some of the best tires for your specific needs.
  • Tire pricing can be higher compared to direct competition tires in their respective categories.

Best Continental Tires by Car Type

Continental PureContact LS – Best for Passenger Cars

The LS (Luxury Sport) tyre aims to maximize wet-condition braking while offering a quiet and comfortable ride in a variety of conditions. The Pure Contact LS is a decision that is challenging to argue against, with consistently good ratings from consumers across a wide range of various vehicle owners. This all-season tyre not only offers good traction in every weather but also a long-lasting quiet ride for you and your passengers. Technology advancements in building, materials, and design combine to increase fuel efficiency and tread life in a very diverse range of climatic conditions and on a variety of road surfaces. The PureContact LS is the best option from Continental to secure your confidence on the road ahead when it comes to being able to handle nearly anything that can be thrown at you on the road.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: PureContact LS
  • Available Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ wheel diameters; 195-mm to 255mm section widths.

ExtremeContact Sport – Best Performance Tire

The ExtremeContact Sport, as its appropriate name implies, is designed expressly to be the preferred tyre for a street-driven extreme performance vehicle—the Tomahawk Missile. The ExtremeContact Sport is offered as original equipment in BMW’s Motorsport Division on their flagship M Cars because it will deliver the best dry and wet traction when used in temperatures well above freezing with little sacrifice in noise and harshness. The tread life of these tyres is nevertheless good and comparable to that of other performance street tyres, despite their unusual tenacity to the road. Maximum traction in both dry and wet circumstances is made possible by the highly developed rubber composition, tread, and carcass design, which provide a great road feel, high-speed stability, and a consistent contact patch. These are similar to track cleats in that they are specialized footwear for a narrow range of situations, and when used in certain situations, they offer precision handling and strong adhesion limitations. Ideal for firing your land-based missile.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: ExtremeContact Sport
  • Available Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″ wheel diameters, from 195-mm to 335-mm section widths.

CrossContact LX25 – Best SUV Tire

SUVs and CUVs are preferred because of their versatility in a variety of settings and in daily use. A tyre must support these skills precisely because of this. The CrossContact LX25 makes use of a number of innovations to deliver an opulent riding feel and all-season traction. Continental has accomplished the elusive feat of sure-footed traction, confidence-inspiring handling, long-lasting and quiet tread by integrating sound deadening directly beneath the tread layer, continuous ribs to minimize noise generated in the first place, and a tread compound designed to maximize fuel economy and tread life.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: CrossContact LX25
  • Available Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″ wheel diameters, from 215-mm to 285-mm section widths.

TerrainContact H/T – Best Truck Tire

The ubiquitous truck has relatively wide-ranging responsibilities and tyre needs.. They are workhorses, moving anything from bricks and steel to kids to practice and back, but they all share one thing in common: the sort of tyres they are shod with. These trucks require tyres that are equally adept for both traction and the ability to carry a hefty load due to their increased size and payload capability. The TerrainContact H/T is ideal for the job since it combines strength with a smooth, comfortable ride in any weather. Although it has a broad range of traction options, it is still regarded as an on-road tyre and is most effective in those circumstances.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: TerrainContact H/T
  • Available Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″, from 225-mm to 285-mm section widths, passenger and light-truck designations.

ExtremeContact DWS 06 – Best All-Season Tire

Due to the ever-increasing power and torque of modern power plants or the manufacturers’ realization that better on-road performance need not be incompatible with dependability and reliability, it appears that practically every type of car has some sporting aspirations baked in. The ExtremeContact DWS 06 is offered to owners who want to keep, if not improve, that athletic character while maintaining the confidence to travel in all weather situations and comes in a wide range of sizes. The letters “Dry,” “Wet,” and “Snow” are immediately sculpted into the tread where they are visible to make it easy to see what capabilities are still in the tyres as they age. The “S” is anticipated to degrade before the “W.” The “D” is programmed to wear out at the thinnest depth of tread. The DWS letters will rapidly and clearly show you under what situations you can more securely travel, even though the tyre still uses a conventional wear indicator system (consisting of wear bars set at 2/32″ – indicating no useable life left).

A high-performance tire’s enhanced tread life is made possible by modern rubber additives and compounds. All through the year, drivers of strong and capable sedans, wagons, crossovers, and SUVs can benefit from high-speed stability, performance, and traction.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: ExtremeContact DWS 06
  • Available Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″ wheel diameters, from 195-mm to 295-mm section widths.

VikingContact 7 – Best Winter Tire

This tyre is known as a Nordic tyre by Continental. The VikingContact 7 is specifically designed to thrive in these conditions, enabling safe travel over sub-freezing regions coated in ice and snow. In contrast to summer-only tyres, winter-specific tyres are perfectly adapted for subfreezing temperatures thanks to special rubber compounds, additives, and tread patterns. Because the tyres are so specific, Continental states that they can only be utilized in a matching set of four. If a tyre meets a specific set of performance requirements in snow, it may be marked with a symbol used by the tyre industry. The normal M+S (Mud and Snow) all-season tyre is not expected to perform as well on snow as the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) brand tyre. The Canadian province of Quebec mandates “”Between 15 December and 15 March, the owner of a taxi or passenger vehicle registered in Quebec may not put the vehicle into operation unless it is equipped with tyres specifically designed for winter driving”” and “Starting December 15, 2014, the Highway Safety Code regulation specifies only tyres bearing the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol.” The Nordic people aren’t the only ones who understand the need for a winter-specific tyre.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: VikingContact 7
  • Available Sizes: 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″, from 145-mm to 285-mm section widths.

TerrainContact A/T – Best Off-Road Tire

The A/T or All-Terrain tyre for trucks offers tough, durable traction in off-road circumstances, much as the summer and winter tyres for passenger cars provide optimized traction in their respective categories. The TerrainContact A/T is designed specifically to keep you going comfortably through conditions where the paved road transitions to dirt, sand, mud, snow, and/or rocks. The TerrainContact A/T will assist you to get there and back if your location is off the usual path and you require the goat-like firm footing. The Light Truck category enables substantially higher air pressure to be run to help support that more weight and the tyre composition is also specialized for the extra load, so it is an option if you need that traction on your VERY big truck. With the TerrainContact A/T, you can keep your enterprise or business on course even when it’s off the main route.


  • Brand: Continental
  • Model: TerrainContact A/T
  • Available Sizes: 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 22″ wheel diameters, from 225-mm to 315-mm section widths, passenger and light-truck designations.

Why Choose Continental Tires?

With more than 150 years of experience in the development and production of tyres, Continental is able to create the ideal tyre for you. You can rely on the brand to consistently offer support and uphold their fantastic warranty because they are an industry leader and a company in good standing.

When automakers invest years and vast sums of money in creating a line of vehicles, they have to have faith that a tyre manufacturer will be able to create a tyre that will be able to take advantage of all the technological advances. Some of the laboriously acquired advancements in vehicle dynamics may be lost in the absence of a suitable tyre. Take their lead and be certain that the products you are purchasing are appropriate for you as well. The decision by a vehicle manufacturer to select a specific tyre manufacturer as the original equipment supplier is not one that is made lightly.

Reason to Choose Continental Tires

Quality and Warranty: The warranty is evidence of Continental’s faith in the caliber of its goods; no matter whatever model you select, they are so confident that you will be happy with your decision that they will refund your money.

Traction and Handling: Your search for more traction is the basis for your presence here. Continental’s better traction, which has been made possible by improvements in materials, construction, and manufacturing techniques, gives you the handling you want. Bottom line: There are numerous factors that work together to make your car behave in the manner that you desire.

Quiet and Long-Lasting: You’ll have a protracted sentence of angst and anger if you imagine a tyre that lasts a long time but is noisy and difficult to drive in the interim. To avoid having to worry about your tyres until they are worn out, the idea is to get them to perform well while you are using them.

Important Considerations When Choosing a Tire Brand

Will the manufacturer be there for you in the event of an issue, such as a flat tyre, vibration, or pull to one side, or are you on your own? Wherever you are, are replacements easy to get by? Are manufacturers willing to help and empower retailers to put things right? The true test of a tire’s quality is whether it allows you to drive for a while without thinking about it. You have selected a tyre brand that has already done all of the planning for you, giving you the assurance to drive your car on (and off) the roads.


How long do Continental tires last?

Many of the tyres manufactured by Continental are designed to last anywhere between 15,000 and 70,000 miles (for the rear tyres on a staggered fitment). Everything relies on the tyre and the usage for which it is being put.

What size tires does Continental offer?

The smallest size they provide ranges from a T115/70R15 (spare) to LT315/70R17, depending on the application.

What brands are comparable to Continental?

Michelin and Pirelli are Continental’s direct and deserving rivals. Both businesses offer a sizable assortment of tyres that are thought to be competitive with Continental.

Where can I buy Continental tires online?

Direct purchases can be made through online merchants like SimpleTire, Tire Rack, and Discount Tire. To avoid having to hoist, carry, and unload the big and bulky tyres at the shop, all of these sellers also have a network of tyre installation companies that possibly even direct shipping is possible.

Are Continental tires good quality?

Yes, Continental provides a top-notch product that has received positive consumer feedback. Additionally noteworthy is Continental’s comprehensive warranty program.

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