September 19, 2022

Best Tires for Your EV

There are lots of choices when it comes to tires for your car, all depending on what you For EVs, a variety of tires are available, all dependent on the driving environment. Your car can have tires that are performance, winter, summer, all-season, all-terrain, and all-weather. The most important thing is to choose the proper size and kind of tires for your driving conditions. The most popular tires for modern EVs are shown in the following table. Be aware that some EVs have tires in multiple sizes.

When it’s time to get your vehicle’s tires replaced, make sure you check to see what size tires are on them.

Tires for the Most Popular EVs on the Market

Depending on what you drive, how you drive, and where you travel, there are several tire options for your automobile. It holds true for electric vehicles as well (EVs). You must make sure you purchase a tyre that is rated for use on your vehicle and the conditions in which you frequently drive because there is no one tire that is the best for every EV. What you need to know about choosing the best tires for your electric vehicle is provided below.

EV TypeTire NameTire Type
Audi e-tronPirelli Scorpion WinterPerformance Winter/Snow
Audi e-tronMichelin Pilot SportMax Performance Summer
Audi e-tronPirelli Cinturato P7 BlueUltra High-Performance Summer
BMW i3Bridgestone Ecopia EP600Grand Touring All-Season
BMW i3Bridgestone Ecopia EP500Grand Touring Summer
Chevy BoltMichelin CrossClimate2Grand Touring All-Season
Chevy BoltBridgestone Turanza QuiettrackGrand Touring All-Season
Chevy BoltContinental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PlusUltra High-Performance All-Season
Ford Mustang Mach-EContinental VikingContact 7Studless Ice and Snow
Ford Mustang Mach-EContinental ProContact RXGrand Touring All-Season
Ford Mustang Mach-EGoodyear Eagle TouringGrand Touring All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq & Kona EVMichelin CrossClimate2Grand Touring All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq & Kona EVBridgestone Turanza QuiettrackGrand Touring All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq & Kona EVContinental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PlusUltra High-Performance All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq 5Michelin CrossClimateGrand Touring All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq 5Assurance ComfortDriveGrand Touring All-Season
Hyundai Ioniq 5Bridgestone BLIZZAK LM005Performance Winter / Snow
Jaguar I-PacePirelli Scorpion WinterPerformance Winter/Snow
Jaguar I-PacePirelli P Zero (PZ 4)Max Performance Summer
Jaguar I-PaceContinental PremiumContact 6Grand Touring Summer
Kia NiroMichelin CrossClimate2Grand Touring All-Season
Kia NiroBridgestone Turanza QuiettrackGrand Touring All-Season
Kia NiroContinental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PlusUltra High-Performance All-Season
Kia EV6Michelin CrossClimate2Grand Touring All-Season
Kia EV6Bridgestone Alenza AS UltraCrossover/SUV Touring All-Season
Nissan LeafkMichelin CrossClimate2Grand Touring All-Season
Nissan LeafBridgestone Turanza QuiettracGrand Touring All-Season
Nissan LeafContinental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PlusUltra High-Performance All-Season
Porsche TaycanGoodyear Eagle TouringGrand Touring All-Season
Porsche TaycanContinental PremiumContact 6Grand Touring Summer
Porsche TaycanHankook Ventus S1 EVO3 EVUltra High-Performance Summer
Tesla Model SMichelin Pilot Sport 4SMax Performance Summer
Tesla Model SMichelin Pilot Sport SuperMax Performance Summer
Tesla Model SMichelin Pilot Sport All Season 4Ultra High-Performance All-Season
Tesla Model XPirelli Scorpion WinterPerformance Winter/Snow
Tesla Model XYokohama Parada Spec-XAll-Season
Tesla Model XMichelin Latitude Sport 3Summer
Tesla Model 3Michelin Pilot Sport 4SMax Performance Summer
Tesla Model 3Bridgestone Potenza SportMax Performance Summer
Tesla Model 3Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4
Tesla Model YBridgestone Turanza QuiettrackGrand Touring All-Season
Tesla Model YContinental ExtremeContact DWS 06 PlusUltra High-Performance All-Season
Tesla Model YBridgestone Potenza SportMax Performance Summer

What to Consider When Choosing Tires for Your EV?

What Factors Should You Bear in Mind When Choosing EV Tires?

An EV tire’s sidewalls must be strong due to the weight of the load it is carrying. The problem is with the EV battery, not with the items you carry in the car. Large batteries are a major source of weight for EVs and other vehicles. A sturdy sidewall aids in distributing the additional weight.

Additionally, search for tires with little rolling resistance. This tire is excellent for those looking to increase their electric vehicle’s range or even their gas car’s fuel economy. In essence, these tires allow the EVs’ electric motors to operate at a lower power level because they drive the car along more smoothly and easily.

Having tires that can handle the torque produced by an EV is also crucial. Torque in an electric vehicle (EV) is almost instantaneous, as opposed to the gradual accumulation of torque that occurs when you push the pedal in a gas-powered vehicle. Every time you press that pedal, the tires are put under a lot of strain. It’s crucial that the tire you select is capable of withstanding that pressure.

In response to the specific requirements of EV owners, tire manufacturers are currently creating new models. The Goodyear ElectricDrive GT tire is one illustration of this kind of tire. Three key areas of interest to a significant share of EV owners were identified by Goodyear. They consist of a smooth ride, durable tires, and effectiveness. Goodyear included every component required to make the ElectricDrive GT perfectly matched to these characteristics.

What is the Cost of Tires for Your EV?

Every gas-powered automobile has a wide range of tire costs, and the same is true of EVs. It all depends on the vehicle and your driving style. Tire prices for vehicles without a performance focus, like the Nissan Leaf, range from $75 to $295. You may expect to pay between $350 and $600 if you drive an Audi RS e-Tron GT. The Tesla Model S, which costs between $250 and $400, is in the center.

You may have noticed that a more economical vehicle, like the Leaf, has less expensive tires compared to a high-performance luxury vehicle, like the Audi RS e-Tron GT. The same is true with gas-powered vehicles. If you’re considering purchasing an expensive EV, you should expect to pay extra when the time comes to change its tires.

How Long Will EV Tires Last?

Your EV’s tires should last between 30,000 and 40,000 miles. Tires on an EV wear out more quickly due to the battery’s additional weight. The strong torque produced each time you press the accelerator serves the same purpose.

Yes, this implies that you will pay more on tires with an EV than a gas-powered vehicle, but don’t lose heart. The overall maintenance costs will be lower and you’ll spend less on gas, so everything will work out in your favor in the end.

Why Do EVs Need Special Tires?

You need tires rated for your car whether you drive a gas car, a hybrid, or an electric vehicle. To increase the overall battery range when driving an EV, choose tires with low rolling resistance. Additionally, those tires must have a sturdy sidewall to support the added weight of the car’s battery. Finally, they ought to move silently so that you won’t hear excessive road noise. When it’s the only sound you hear, noise that you might not have noticed over the rumble of a gas engine suddenly seems obscenely loud.


Do EVs need special tires?

While some gas-powered car tires can be used on electric vehicles (EVs), not all of them can. In contrast to tires used on gas-powered cars, electric vehicle tires often have stronger sidewalls and reduced rolling resistance.

What are the best tires for electric cars?

The finest tires for an EV have stronger sidewalls and low rolling resistance. They have to be graded for the kind of weather you intend to drive in.

What kind of tires do electric vehicles use?

Similar to gas-powered vehicles, EVs can use a variety of tires. A tire with low rolling resistance, a thicker sidewall, and a rating for the local weather conditions you frequently encounter when driving are all desirable.

Do electric vehicles use more tires?

Yes, an electric vehicle’s tires do wear out more quickly. They usually last between 30,000 and 40,000 kilometers.

Why do electric cars wear tires faster?

An electric car’s tires deteriorate more quickly because of the additional weight the battery adds to the vehicle. Additionally, the EV’s quick torque may reduce tire life.

Do electric cars need winter tires?

Winter tires are beneficial for any vehicle that will be driven in areas with persistently low temperatures below 40 degrees. Electric vehicles are included in this.

Do tire makers make tires specifically for use on EVs?

The main goals of many EV users, such as a quiet ride, efficiency, and tread life, have indeed been taken into consideration by several tire manufacturers as they begin to produce tires. The Goodyear ElectricDrive GT is one illustration of this type of tire.

Where can I find the best deals on new tires for my EV?

Numerous internet merchants, including SimpleTire, frequently discount and have fantastic bargains on tires. To further assist you in understanding what you are purchasing, their websites also include price estimators and tire fit recommendations.

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